A very welcome addition to the excellent online press resource available to the UK legal profession has appeared in the shape of the digital version of leading legal monthly publication, Legal Business.

This is a subscriber-only service, and looks very smart, opting for a black-and-silver frame design which sets it apart, visually, from the more conventional ‘white space’ approach of its weekly competitors.

Legal Business enters the digital age
Legal Business enters the digital age
Legal Business Digital – sensibly – does not attempt to compete with the up-to-the-minute comprehensive news services already on offer from The Lawyer and Legal Week. Instead, this is an add-on to the hard copy publication, and will be published 20 times a year (the hard copy comes out 10 times a year).

There is no news archive, but the features archive allows the user to view LB’s gorgeously-picture laden features online or download them as pdfs (alas for us legal-history trainspotters, the features archive only covers the last five years…).

The best bit of it, for me, is the presentation of the annual Legal Business 100 (and the Global 100). This is done in a very original way, featuring sliders which allow the data in the table to be cut in various ways; for instance I can now tell you how many firms have over 100 non-equity partners (13, as it happens) and then see how many of those firms have revenue per lawyer over £250k or how many have more than 100 equity partners too. I can then shift any of the sliders to play around with the list. Endless possibilities!

For an extra (unspecified) charge you can gain similar access to 20 years’ figures, which again, will be of serious interest to afficianados such as myself.

Long-awaited, certainly, but a worthy addition to the legal market’s online resource base.

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