First audio-conference, more to come!

I rather surprised myself last week, having co-hosted – Transatlantically, no less – an audio-conference, on my favourite topic, lateral partner hiring.

I have always been wary of presenting, not sure why precisely; perhaps a hangover from my journalistic days, when hanging in the shadows was more productive than being on a podium; and from being a recruiter, where, rather like Victorian children, a good recruiter at a client briefing should preferably seen and not heard, and if ever a question bubbled up, it should be uncontroversial and client-friendly, rather like the “Would My Right Honourable Friend not agree…” type of enquiry fired at David Cameron by the Conservative MP for Little Twiddlington-on-the-Water.

As it was, my co-presenter, Norm Clark, of US legal management consultancy Walker Clark LLC, and hit it off from moment one, guiding our mainly US listener-base through the minefield of partner lateral hiring, comparing and contrasting the UK and US experience.

From being quite a sceptic, I must admit, about the audio-conference format – where listeners ‘dial in’ and follow a guided Powerpoint presentation, with the ability to send questions and comments via a message function – I am a full-on convert. So much so, in fact, that I’m doing another one with Norm on 24 May, this time on the equally thorny topic of legal directories. As former editor of The Legal 500, as you can imagine I have the odd view or two on that matter too.

Will post full details in the meantime, but if you’d like to see what else this conference producer has on offer in the meantime, have a look at

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